January 28th 2022
Nexeo — A New Name to Ease You into New Tech.
Written by
Stephan Themis
CEO Nexeo
New Name
Web Development
As leaders in the tech industry, Themis Web Technologies has always looked ahead at what’s to come. As we’ve grown over the past 15-some years, our team desired a more expansive company name to reflect our vision of future tech. And, our commitment to walk you through it.

Welcome, NEXEO! As tech speeds ahead, we keep you in the game.

Just like our comprehensive front-to-back-end services, our new name envisions what’s coming next on the technology horizon. And, what advancements will best fit your business …to keep you one giant leap ahead.

Our re-envisioned name also needed to express our company ethos, that is: To round out the integration of complex solutions. Although we navigate in high and deep tech, our demeanor excels in taking the pain, burden, and intimidation out of assimilating new technologies. Think of us as your asset and ally that smooths out the information highway before you.

Tech savvy. People friendly. And always moving forward with tech. Providing care to the humans who depend upon it.

So, we fancied that our own UX—in this case, our visual appearance (or, new logotype)—would convey those values, too. Nexeo’s software development services come in a gradation of mixes to match the multiple angles and facets of any client challenge. The team likes the idea of coloring each project to complement its necessary environment, holistically. We hope you recall this whenever you see our new logo.

Even with these outward brand changes, the company’s three inward drives still remain solid, the same, dependable:
  1. 1. Mobile Apps to drive user engagement
  2. 2. Web-Based Management Tools to ease business operations
  3. 3. Embedded Systems (IoT) to expand digital capabilities.
But don’t you worry about the fancy jargon. As always, let’s simplify it with some practical examples. Maybe, five or six.

Over the years, our software-development skills and custom database management systems have proven useful in various industries. The more we create, the more new markets we penetrate from manufacturing to medical, including entertainment and onward.

One medical assistance system, for MD AirSupport, now helps caregivers better assist patients through remote live-streaming video technology. We have also helped develop other real-time applications while working on large-scale deployments to stream high-profile events in the entertainment industry (think Oscars®, Emmys®) for AEG Digital Media (now AMV Digital Media).

In the manufacturing sector, another client project for AMI (Arc Machines, Inc.) employs touch screens to develop new interfaces that never existed before, with drag-and-drop capabilities, real-time graphs, and analytics. Given the pandemic era, our remote monitoring tools help TV production companies to coordinate quasi-instantly with off-site crews direct from the set (on game shows like Jeopardy, The Voice, and All-Against-One), with only sub-second latency.

In a fifth example, numerous and diverse Enterprise Resource Planning tools (such as demand forecast reports) help improve

  • Production Tracking
  • Inventory Control
  • Customer Service
  • Business Operations
  • Sales and Marketing.

An ERP for client Bravo tracks info and helps manage orders, raw materials, finished goods, warehousing processes, shipping, delivery, local team oversight, et al.

Finally, Nexeo’s web-based portal integration (with AMI) facilitates warranty registration, customer service, funnel-marketing messages, end-user video training, software updates, and access to brand product guides and instruction manuals online. Specifically, in the non-profit arena of visual impairment, custom modules offer client CTEBVI members access to various helps, resource materials, and payment options.

Which brings us back to the community we live in. We all like to help out. Nexeo, too. Each year, our team consecrates a portion of our projects to helping out a local non-profit. This year’s application guidelines will be announced soon. (More on that to come…)

In the meantime, let’s push forward with intent into what the tech future hold for you. Together.
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