September 25th 2020
Nexeo Ranks Top in Clutch Reviews!
Written by
Stephan Themis
CEO Nexeo
Top Web Developers
Los Angeles
Our ability to deliver quality work has drawn the attention of the 3rd-party ratings-and-reviews firm,, which evaluates service providers in the tech industry.

Based on in-depth customer reviews and data-driven content, Clutch vets market leaders and highlights the top performing enterprises. They specifically research B2B service providers in the tech space and evaluate a candidate based on its market presence, industry experience, and —most importantly— client feedback.

To date, their team has sought out and interviewed over nine of our clients about their own experience with our projects. As a result, Clutch reviewers awarded us with an almost-perfect Five-Star Rating across criteria that include quality, cost, and ability to meet deadlines. They cited software architect Wolfram Donat from Arc Machines, Inc., “The amount of speed of the work done was particularly impressive”
In three short years, under the auspices of our founding company, Themis Web Technologies, we’ve scored Clutch accolades as one of their ‘Top Developers in Los Angeles 2019’, ‘Top Web Developers in Los Angeles 2018’, ‘Top B2B Companies in California 2018’, and ‘Top B2B Companies in the United States 2020’. For example, petroleum company COO and client Edward Panconi commented, “Our yield increased by 20%. They completed the system’s launch process three days ahead of schedule. Additionally, the accuracy of our order and billing process has improved 100%.”

On Clutch, our B2B clients explain why they chose to work with us and what’s the most rewarding aspect of our partnership together. They cover the opportunity faced, the solution delivered, the investment made, and the impact of the relationship and project on them, their staff, and the company. Stated David Forrest, Harvard University Teaching Fellow & PhD Candidate, of our inclusion on the platform, “Themis is able to troubleshoot next to anything and build battleship-strong frameworks and systems. …and is honest about what's possible within given requirements and budgets.”

Although it can be tricky to keep up with the latest trends in web development and business management, we’re thankful for this recognition as a tech market leader. As Nexeo ploughs on, we look forward to reading and sharing more online comments from our clients. Perhaps, even yours!
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