October 18th 2020
Now Developing Remote Medical-Assistance Tools Amidst the COVID Pandemic.
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Stephan Themis
CEO Nexeo
User Interface
Our client’s new software allows off-site doctors to provide remote, specialized assistance to on-site medical staff during emergency health situations. Health caregivers have been working the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic since its inception. Our latest project serves to protect them from contamination, while enabling them to provide immediate care for patients in need. With this goal in mind, we have been working alongside a Baltimore-based company, MD AirSupport, to provide medical support over digital airwaves.

The software in-development connects primary care physicians and specialists remotely with in-field colleagues when urgent care cannot await their physical presence. The medical support service permits them to intervene and collaborate over both short and long distances.
The solution offered by MD AirSupport employs state-of-the-art audio-visual hardware mounted to a headset. This streams live video from the health worker’s point-of-view back to the specialist, who can then provide real-time assessment, diagnosis, and treatment protocol whenever needed. And, wherever needed.
For example, emergency room doctors can provide life-saving measures to EMTs on the ground in precarious environments or during transport before the patient ever arrives at the hospital. Caregivers who deliver specialized home or on-site treatment can consult with physicians to obtain guidance without having to displace the patient. Out-of-state specialists can visually and verbally assist in urgent surgeries hundreds of miles away. Or, supervise interns and residents who offer medical care in educational settings whether from elsewhere or within different departments of the same facility.

The technology allows healthcare workers to perform a multitude of procedures, under a doctor’s direct supervision, that they could not otherwise perform alone. MD AirSupport increases their range of capabilities to care for patients, with immediacy, like never before. The doctor sees through the eyes of the local worker in real-time.
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