May 4th 2022
We Focus on Tech, Pro Bono, So You Can Focus on Your Cause.
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Stephan Themis
CEO Nexeo
Pro Bono
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One time per year, Nexeo scours the LA County landscape to find well-intentioned 501(c)3 non-profits with a minimum 3-year history that need a little help with their tech. As a community service, we contribute our time to drive your digital initiative, in order to help your organization drive its cause. Gratis. For up to two weeks worth of our services.

We support and have worked with other charitable organizations specializing in cancer research, autism spectrum disorder, animal rescue, and visual impairment, as well as cultural and educational institutions. So far, our work has helped develop websites, custom portals, public-driven forums, membership platforms, and other tech-driven tasks—at the touch of a button.

So now, we’d like to learn more about your organization and your short-term, self-contained project!

Each year, we’ll announce the submission deadline on Social Media. And we’ll take a look at every single application. Requirements for your project submission include:

  • Organization's name, Employer Identification Number (EIN), and Website URL
  • Primary Contact Name, Email Address, and Phone Number
  • Project Name, Tentative Completion Date, Abstract (Summary), and Scope of Work (Detailed Description)
  • Appendix with any related attachments (i.e.: wireframes, mock-ups, flowcharts, images, referal links), in addition to the Scope-of-Work.

Nexeo will deliberate, select its winning applicant, and respond to all within one month. We look forward to working with and for your cause!

Find the Application Form to Submit Here.

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