October 19th 2023
Nexeo's Pro Bono Site Project Expands Member Access.
Written by
Stephan Themis
CEO Nexeo
Pro Bono
Online Resources

Summer 2023 saw the completion of Nexeo's gratis website upgrades for California Transcribers and Educators for the Blind and Visually Impaired (CTEBVI). Under this past year's Pro Bono Initiative for this non-profit, we implemented dynamic front-facing site pages and back-end workflow to offer easier accessibility of valuable resources to its members. We were given mockups for different types of resources and then implemented new pages for clearer communication, cleaner organization, and quicker retrieval. This, along with a new sorting and filtering functionality, makes volumes of information more accessible to their volunteer, advocate, and expert members.

Catalogs of journals, articles, videos, guidebooks, training events, specializations, affiliates, and other useful archives are now searchable and available to membership — each in its own category —at the touch of a button (or two). We built each page to optimize each type of content, from written articles to video resources. Plus, a new custom updating mechanism helps the staff keep the resource library current, readable, and downloadable. Our site improvements comprised two weeks of development hours.

It's an honor to help this non-profit assist those members who assist the blind. Nexeo will continue to support other local 501(c)3 organizations each year. So, please keep an eye out for our Purpose Driven Action announcements about the next application period. And tell a candidate charity that you may know!

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