An iOS app recreated to promote live events by sharing superior curated content with social marketers in real‑time.
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Trusted Voices
Social-Media Marketing
iOS, Swift, iPhone
Our client asked us to implement a newly-designed app to provide all the tools that event producers need to collaborate with on-the-field and remote team members (photographers, influencers, media outlets, etc.) in order to publish professional-quality content from a live event instantaneously across multiple social media channels.
To increase viewership and create user engagement during live events. Improve on and implement the next-generation release of a hybrid iOS app with added functionality features for production teams. The new app, developed in the device’s native language, needed to integrate totally with the client’s back-end system, to interface with various types of operators, and to exhibit optimal performance with a streamlined user‑experience.
We implemented the live-sharing app in Apple’s iOS native programming language (Swift) from mock-ups provided by the media client. The app included user logins, social media account management, a chat module for instant internal communication and content-sharing among team members, a multi-social-media posting feature with scheduling capabilities, the tracking of post statistics, and the ability to handle multiple campaigns.
The reimagined app proved more responsive than the original in the immediacy of live broadcasting. The professional interface functioned with efficiency and a crisp, contemporary look. Teams could communicate and collaborate with the control room to schedule and publish better content more quickly, potentially increasing the audience for promoted concerts, award shows, and sports events... thanks to real-time social-media campaigns.
Web-based management and support tools created for a premier digital media company.
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