Web-based management and support tools created for a premier digital media company.
@AEG Digital Media
AMV Digital Media
PHP, MySQL, JavaScript
We developed new web-based management systems to optimize business operations, and support technical capabilities for large-scale live-video feeds and VOD media-streaming services, to help our client meet the demands of the growing digital market, with everything from automated configurators to audience engagement tracking.

To bolster AEG’s prescient media-streaming services for red carpet, entertainment, and sporting events.

To build more powerful portals for management’s internal use to meet broader business protocols. Construct various internet-based applications, control dashboards, notification systems, user forms, and additional support tools to streamline company operations and improve staff interactions. Help solidify the company’s flagship streaming services across their entire client base. We would need to reduce the turnaround time on routine business operations from hours to just minutes.

To devise various interrelated functions that would allow the company to provide innovative user-experiences and reporting capabilities to their media clients and their network producers. Write custom software applications that would also accelerate the turnaround time on tedious technical operations (such as video-encoding, quality assurance, stream publishing, media-player deployment, audience engagement tracking, and reporting). To design the global service offerings in an adaptable manner for use on a per-client basis.

To incorporate elastic solutions, integral to running the company, that would fluidly work together, in order to create a higher functionality than any digital media organization had ever previously accomplished.


The company’s overall campaign required the architecture of multiple, scalable projects across several months over the years to keep pace with their clients’ evolving demands. We developed many database-driven management systems, using prevailing web technologies to optimize processes and meet protocols.

We created tools to enforce management authorizations, to centralize employee knowledge bases and directories, and to track timesheets, expense reports, and other internal assets. Our team would assess, research, and build-out modules to match the requisite and ongoing scope of work.

We helped develop management systems for the company’s cloud-based flagship streaming platform that allowed them to automate the dissemination of thousands of sporting events and live concert streams for various networks. We also created polling systems for audiences and tools to track digital marketing efforts per viewing times.

Our feature-rich solution accelerated the VOD-publication process through a quality control pipeline. Custom software helped the company to deploy multi-angle live-streaming video players for high-profile webcasts.

Projects had to integrate various APIs, pull in tons of data, support different transcoding and distribution methods, and verify that all aspects integrated seamlessly, rendering advanced customer reports.


Our digital media client broke into the emerging market of live-streaming technology with methodical success. The web-based business tools digitized, modernized, and replaced antiquated technologies, drastically diminishing paperwork and eliminating workflow bottlenecks. The web-based technical operation tools integrated with different content-distribution networks and analytics APIs to provide optimal performance, while also tracking user engagement and broadcast coverage stats. The client reported back that:

  • Their customers’ levels of trust in the company as a premier streaming provider increased significantly.
  • The delivered software solutions executed crisply and efficiently, with few operational difficulties.
  • Successive performance tools generated then proved even more stable and robust with each annual iteration, even as customer expectations multiplied.

Unlike most engineers, we would always investigate options, resolve issues, and get back to our client with a rolling plan of action. AMV Digital Media’s VP of Technology & Communications, Brian Bedard, lauded our fearlessness (at the time) to take on new challenges in these groundbreaking areas, which even they were still exploring.

A modernized touch-screen interface designed and created to operate industrial machinery.
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