A modernized touch-screen interface designed and created to operate industrial machinery.
@Arc Machines Inc
AMI (Arc Machines Inc.)
HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
We helped bring the manufacturing client’s new line of smart power supplies into the 21st Century, both functionally and esthetically by implementing a re-envisioned, embedded touch-screen interface that communicates with factory software to drive industrial arc-welding machines.
To modernize Arc Machines, Inc. (AMI’s) orbital welding power supply controls with both cutting-edge technology and contemporary appearance in order to meet the exacting parameters of comprehensive welding projects. Update their current computer controls utilized to weld pipes, tubes, and other heavyweight metal products. Implement into practical reality the vision of their industrial designers on precisely how the user interface should appear and behave for master welders. Incorporate an updated, ‘futuristic’ interface that would be easy-to-use —such as a responsive touch-screen— and equally comfortable for both older, existing customers and a new, younger user base to operate.
First, we took the designers’ conceptualizations and created functional screens by leveraging the power of HTML5/CSS3 and JavaScript. Next, we interfaced that new operator front-end to interact with their engineers’ back-end API (written in Python and Flask), serving as the device's real-time operating system. Our control panel (connected to the central brain) relays commands that dictate welding temperature, weld head position, welding job schedules, and recorded weld data graphs. It also predicts evolving temperature over time. We brought the whole operation together on a Linux-based system. Our combined team relied on one another’s agility in the collaborative GUI development of their orbital welding control module.
Our client reported very positive feedback from the company’s customers on the sleek appearance and drag-and-drop functionality of the reinvigorated product. Today, a modern-looking touch-based UI allows the user to create and edit welding schedules, monitor the welding process, and visualize analytics from previous welding jobs. Model 317 features the first orbital welding controller that manages data for semiconductor, pharmaceutical, aerospace, nuclear, and other top-grade pipe fabrication operations. This reimagined power supply stands as the flagship product in AMI’s new line of manufacturing equipment. We’re currently working on upgrading their Model 217.
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