Real Stories About Dreams That Came True.
How the Nexeo® team managed to solve complex challenges, and delivered outstanding solutions to bring added value to what mattered most to our clients.
Our client asked us to implement a newly-designed app to provide all the tools that event producers need to collaborate with on-the-field and remote team members (photographers, influencers, media outlets, etc.) in order to publish professional-quality content from a live event instantaneously across multiple social media channels.
We developed new web-based management systems to optimize business operations, and support technical capabilities for large-scale live-video feeds and VOD media-streaming services, to help our client meet the demands of the growing digital market, with everything from automated configurators to audience engagement tracking.
We helped bring the manufacturing client’s new line of smart power supplies into the 21st Century, both functionally and esthetically by implementing a re-envisioned, embedded touch-screen interface that communicates with factory software to drive industrial arc‑welding machines.
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